Guided Access

Why do you need Guided Access on the iPad?

Guided Access is a very useful tool to use on the iPad. It will prevent a child swiping onto another page.

To set up Guided Access

  • Go to settings
  • Open General (on left side of screen)
  • Open Accessibility in 2nd box on right
  • Open Guided Access on right screen in Learning box (4th box down)
  • Toggle button on top right to green
  • Set a passcode number that you will remember. This will need to be done twice. Try not to use consecutive numbers such as 1234 as this is an easy guess for pupils to input
  • Open an app and press the home button 3 times

  • At the top right press start. It will now lock the screen


  • To get out of the page press the home button 3 times and put in your password
  • Press end on top left of screen to exit