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iPad Resources

Why do we use iPads at Riverwalk?

ipad imageThere are many reasons for using an iPad. We have found that an iPad –

  • Encourages and promotes active personalised learning
  • It stimulates pupil engagement, attention and interaction
  • It encourages active communication
  • Ease of access – it is good for pupils with poor fine motor control as they are still able to activate the screen, it is portable and can be placed in the correct position for individual pupils to use
  • The back lit screen is very important for pupils who have visual impairment
  • It is flexible as it does not need too be plugged into the mains
  • It allows instant feedback via video and photos
  • It is very motivating and fun to use
  • Apps range from basic to complex enabling pupils of all levels. Some free Apps include adverts which can be distracting when used. If this is the case it may be worth buying the full version.

Have a look at Richard Hirstwood’s iPad Introduction video here.

Guided Access

Guided Access is a very useful tool to use on the iPad. It will prevent a child swiping onto another page. There is some information on how to turn it on here.

iPad Apps

Here are some of the Apps that we use at Riverwalk. They are listed under different headings. This list is available as a downloadable pdf file.

  • Animals free – single photos of animals, when the screen is touched hear the animal sound
  • At The Farm – One large and several small photos of farm animals – includes facts about the animals and a rhyme / song
  • Clean lite – choose from a cat or a dog which licks the screen clean
  • Dolphins – tap screen for dolphins to swim up to you
  • Farm Sounds – similar to Zoo sounds but with farm animals
  • Find the animal – listen to sound and then touch the correct animal
  • iQuarium – create your own aquarium, fish needs feeding regularly  to gain points to buy more items for the aquarium
  • Kids Can Match – Animals – 70 animal images and sounds to match
  • My Horse – look after a horse – feed it, groom it, enter competitions, earn money and gems to buy equipment and new horses
  • Pocket Pond – Koi swimming in pond – moves as touched
  • Ocean Blue – create your own ocean and populate it with different species of fish, interact with the ocean world by tapping, pinching, dragging, tilting, feeding and scattering
  • Zoo Sounds – 6 games involving zoo animals – touch photo of animal and hear it’s sound, choose animal from its sound from choice of 2 photos, wooden puzzle, memory matching, connect the dots, take a photo and turn into an animal
  • Animal Fun – photos of animals on white background
  • Animal Wheel – tap, shake or spin the wheel to hear different animals
  • iFish Pond – koi carp that swim away when touched
  • Mix&Match – make the animal by sliding 3 sections
  • Nemo’s Reef – help Nemo to build an underwater retreat
  • PairAnimals – up to 23 levels to pair photos of animals and domestic pets
  • Colorful Balloons – balloons appear when the screen is tapped
  • Balloon Pops – pop a balloon and another one will appear
  • Balloons: Tap and Learn – colours, number or animals game where you are prompted to touch specific balloons
  • Exploding Balloons – an exploding balloon sends out darts to explode other balloons
  • Ebo’s Stories – stories that you can read yourself or have it read to you – Little Red Riding Hood, Ugly Duckling
  • Little Lilly’s Touch book – story about a girl who has sensory issues and hates feeling everything she touches
  • Picture Books for Kids – I like Snow – photos of children in the snow
  • Toy Story Read-Along-Toy Story book
  • Thomas and friends: Day of Diesels – story, video, painting, puzzles and games with Thomas the Tank Engine
  • The Land of Me – create your own story by choosing the theme and how it ends
  • Bubbles – blue bubbles on black background that pop
  • Christmas Colouring Book – lots of Christmas colouring
  • Christmas Tree – decorate a Christmas tree
  • Christmas Baby Rattle – sun moves across the screen and bounces off the sides, Christmas baubles move across screen when screen touched a cow, cat or fox appear on screen
  • Jiggle Balls Christmas – touch screen to create Christmas baubles – move Ipad to move across screen
  • Sing Along with Santa – 20 songs sung by Santa
  • Smelly Sprout – story about an unwanted Christmas sprout
  • Snow Wonder – build a snowman
  • Virtual Snow – create a snow storm around yourself
  • Xmas Fit Up – Mix and match puzzle – match head, body and legs
  • Bear and Hare – Story of The Bear who never saw Christmas based on the John Lewis Christmas advert
  • AmazingTree – decorate a Christmas tree
  • DressOfSnow – create a snowman
  • Elf Dance – take a photo which is inserted onto an Elf and watch it dance
  • ColourSpin – change colour of screen by tilting and moving IPad
  • Flashlight – bright colours changed by swiping the screen
  • My Colours – touch one of 12 coloured squares to make whole screen that colour
  • Answers HD – make a choice from 2 buttons e.g. yes or no  or add your own photos
  • ChoicePad – Makaton symbols and video clips
  • Emotions – touch 1 photo from 4 to matched named emotion
  • Grid Player – Widget grids
  • iComm – insert photos and record captions from choice of basic needs, activities, food/drink, toys, movies/books, friends, family, numbers
  • Scene and Heard – take a photo and make it interactive using recorded voice messages and Widgit symbols
  • Smarty Pants – pick a character, then choose an expression for them to act out e.g. tired
  • FindMe – designed for young children with Autism to find the person in the scene and tap on them
  • 123D Sculpt – change different sculptures
  • Doodle – different sounds made as finger moves across the screen
  • Fluid dynamics-fluid drawing creating swirling effect
  • Fluidty – fluorescent colours controlled by moving fingers across the screen
  • Fire Lite – fire glow drawing
  • Glow Draw – high contrast drawing
  • Heat Sense – draw high contrast lines gradually fade
  • KidsDoodle – high contrast drawing
  • Mirror Paint – mirrors what you draw
  • PaintSparkles – makes sound and glittery sparkles as finger is moved across the screen
  • Phyzios – draw different effects, tilt the IPad and watch it move across the screen
  • Rainbow Draw – use 1 finger to sketch, 2 to draw lines, tap to draw circles
  • Talkin’ Drawin’ – draw lines and then painting will talk with eyes and mouth
Early Years

Fisher Price do lots of free apps for babies and toddlers

  • Baabaa Black Sheep Dance Off – have Baa Baa dance and sing by tapping the right colour at the right time
Baby Touch –
  • B&W High Contrast – black white and red animations
  • Fisher-Price Giggle Gang – tap or tilt the screen to interact with giggling characters
  • Laugh & Learn Shapes and Colors Music Show for Baby – tap to hear the name of a shape or colour
  • Laugh & Learn Let’s Count Animals for iPad – tap or tilt screen to interact with animals. Animals counted when tapped and slide across screen when tilted
  • Laugh & Learn Animals Sounds for iPad – learn animal names and sounds
  • Laugh & Learn Puppy’s Player – 12 videos showing Laugh and Learn Characters
  • Laugh & Learn Where’s Puppy’s Nose? For Baby for iPad – learn about parts of the body
  • Peek ‘n Play Rainforest – peek-a-boo interactions
  • Peekaboo HD – tap to find hidden animals
  • Abby Robots – create and customise robots
  • CanKnockdown – throw a ball to knock down cans
  • Design This Home – design and expand your own home
  • Dragons – dragons fly overhead as the IPad is tilted and moved
  • FlickFootball – flick football to score a goal
  • IceAge Villlage – Scrat’s hunt for his favourite acorn cracks the Earth’s crust so Manny, Ellie, Diego and Sid build a village for their Ice Age friends
  • Milk Cow – check how fast you can milk a cow
  • Morfo – faces can be morphed, changed and decorated
  • Paper Toss 2 – flick paper ball into a waste paper bin
  • PickUp Sticks – pick up coloured sticks
  • Sandbox – play different games in the sand – save the stick, treasure hunting, bury the mole, canal, clamming
  • SimonSays – copy sequence of lights – gets progressively harder
  • Tap Bugs – squash spiders, butterflies, termites, dragon flies, cockroaches and ladybirds as fast as possible
  • Toca Monsters – monsters chose ingredients for meal from fridge and then cook and eat chosen food
  • Baby Care & Baby Hospital Kids games – choose ‘baby’ and care, bath, dress or give medicine
  • Big Trucks – touch one of two trucks to activate 2 animations
  • Bumper Cars – touch bumper cars to knock other car off the screen
  • Buttons and Scissors – cut off buttons of the same colour
  • CBeebies Playtime – 5 games featuring CBeebies
  • Cut the button – use 2 fingers to operate scissors to cut buttons
  • Five Little Rock Stars – Counting to 5 song – song and animation stops at the end of each verse
  • Foot Spa Kids games – wash feet, paint toe nails and choose shoes
  • Little Dentist – kids games – be a dentist and take care of patients
  • Matching Cards – snap game
  • Monster Hunt – memory matching game
  • Racing Cars – which car will win from a choice of 3 cars
  • Sam_Phibian – frog counts the bugs he eats – too many and he will be too big for his lily pad
  • Shhhh! – touch the door for a noisy musician or Wilfred to say ‘Shhhh’
  • Splat the Clown – touch the screen to splat the clowns
  • The Snowman and The Snowdog Game – control The Snowman and The Snowdog as they fly across the UK to the North Pole
  • Toca Builders – drop, spray, smash and lift blocks to make new objects
  • Toca Doctor HD – examine a patient – 5 puzzles to solve
  • Toca Hair Salon – Christmas Gift – cut, colour and style Santa’s beard and hair
  • AppShopper – 1 way of finding popular or new apps
  • AutismApps – resource for looking for apps for people with Autism, Downs syndrome or other special needs
  • Google Earth
  • Duplo Jams – 6 activities and songs including learning the alphabet, matching game, car race and train ride
  • Lego 4+ – build own truck / helicopter from Lego, collect coins to build more parts and models
  • Lego Duplo – giraffe and rabbit travel via the zoo and on to Africa to deliver a birthday present to their friend lion
  • PeekABoo – peek –a- boo game with giraffe, rabbit and teddy
  • Trains – play the train driver and choose and unload wagons, build bridges, stop at crossings, refuel and lay new track
  • AlphaBaby – different letters appear as screen is touched
  • Alphabet sounds – touch the letter to hear it’s sound
  • iWrite Words – practice forming lower and upper case letters and numerals
  • LetterForms – practice writing lower and uppercase letters
  • Little Story Maker- create your own stories
  • Pocket phonics – write the letter sound with your finger, touch the correct letter when it is sounded, hear how word is spelt
  • PuppetPals – chose backdrops and characters or photos to create stories
  • Little Speller for Kids – drag letters to correct space to spell 3 letter words
  • Story Buddy – create your own stories
  • Storyrobe – create your own stories
  • Word Magic – fill in the missing letter from a choice at the bottom of the screen to complete a word
  • ABC Genius – Preschool Games for Learning Alphabet –interactive games to learn ABC
  • ABC Phonics Word Family Free – includes 56 different phonics word family groups
  • Dexteria – hand exercises to improve fine motor skills and hand writing readiness
  • Dexteria Jr. – hand and finger exercises to develop fine motor skills and hand writing readiness
  • iWriteWords – handwriting upper and lower case letters
  • LetterForms – Learn to write print and cursive letter forms
  • Little Writer – The Tracing App for Kids –tracing app
  • Magnetic Alphabet Lite- Learn to Write! For Kids – magnetic letters
  • Magic Spell – 300 first words in phonics spelling game HD – learn spelling and pronunciation of 300+ first words
  • PhaseOneLTE – support key skills in Phase 1 of DfES Letters and Sounds
  • Phonics with Letter Lilies – uses all phonemes in English
  • Twinkl Phonics Suite Light Edition – supports development of Phases 1-5 of DfES Letters and Sounds Document
Maths / Numeracy
  • 100 board – 100 square to sequence
  • Beginning Numbers – practice writing numbers
  • Build it up – as above but to build different towers
  • Fill the Cup – different Maths games – rods (finding missing rod to match and complete addition and subtraction sums), fill the cup (fractions), balance and Balance multiply
  • Kids Builder – click on flashing shape and match a similar shape at top of the page
  • Match it up 1 – choose a category which opens onto a new page where you touch the matching image
  • Montessori Counting Board 1 2 3 – count by touch, count up in sequence, count down in sequence, drag and count up, drag and count down
  • Montessori Sensorial Exercise – Geometric Cabinet – identify and name geometrical shapes
  • Shape Sorter – drag shape into shape sorter – if shape is correct there is a sound reward
  • ABC Clock – helps to make connection between analog and digital clocks
  • Button Board – matching and recognising colours
  • Dot.2.Dot – connect the dots
  • Learning Patterns – Help Kids Develop Critical Thinking and Pattern Recognition – interactive game to recognise and complete patterns
  • Match That Shape – drag shape to fit into inset puzzle
  • My Mosaic – copy image of coloured dots
  • MyScript Calculator – works out answers to sums drawn on screen
  • Play 123 – games for shape, colours and numbers
  • PLAY LAB – basic concepts of shape, colour and number
  • Ladybug’s Ready, Set, Spot! A Ladybug’s Bookshelf Kid’s Game – recognise pattern in a group of pictures and build a three card set
  • Air Guitar HD Premium – guitar
  • Awesome Xylophone – good contrast rainbow coloured xylophone
  • Best Drums Lite – full set of drums
  • Bongos! – bongos
  • Fat Pig Piano – pink piano that makes ‘pig’ noises when keyboard tapped
  • Flashmusic – touch photos of musical instruments to hear their sound
  • Garage band – collection of musical instruments and a recording studio to lay down different tracks to create songs
  • Hand Drums – 9 different hand drums to play
  • LogicPiano – coloured piano key board
  • MadPad HD – turn everyday sights and sounds into a percussion instrument
  • Magic Piano – piano game – follow beams of light to guide fingers to correct note – song categories include pop, rock, classical, movies and musicals
  • MusicMatrix – choose from 4 coloured backgrounds – touch squares to create music – sounds are repeated on a loop, tone can be changed by touching 1 – 3 buttons on bottom of screen
  • MuicSparkles – all in one musical instruments – different instruments e.g. xylophone or drums are activated by touch, all can be accompanied by pressing images of guitar, bongos, banjo, drums or piano
  • Squawky Birds Piano – bright piano keys played in 3 options – piano, piano and squawky birds or just squawky birds
  • Squiggle – touch screen to create a line between 2 dots, these then plat musical notes
  • Tap Drums – coloured circles that sound like different types of drums when touched
  • ThumbJam – 30 high quality musical instruments, includes variety of scales, you can make your own loops
  • Touch band – 5 different instrument to touch and play
  • VidRhythm – make musical videos and raps
  • Jelly Band – drag monster musicians onto stage to create your own band
  • Baby’s Musical Hands – red, yellow and blue squares play different  sounds
  • PocketBells – 4 octaves of bells
  • Squiggle – draw lines and play them as strings
  • SingingFingers – fingerpaint with sound  
Nursery Rhymes
  • Nursery TV 01 – B.I.N.G.O., The wheels on the bus, 5 Little ducks, Animal fair, Jelly on a plate, Twinkle twinkle little star
  • Nursery TV 02 – 1 2 3 4 5 Once I caught a fish alive, Hickory Dickory Dock, Jack and Jill, London Bridge is falling down, 10 Little Monkeys, This Old man
  • Nursery TV 03 – The Grand Old Duke of York, Hey Diddle Diddle, If you’re happy and you know it, I’m a little teapot, The animals went in 2 by 2, There’s a hole in my bucket
  • Nursery TV 04 – ABC, Humpty Dumpty, A Bear went over the mountain, Pat-a-cake, Row the boat, Beside the seaside
  • Nursery TV 05 – Baa Baa black sheep, Old McDonald, 1 2 Buckle my shoe, Polly put the kettle on, She’ll be coming round the mountain, Ten in the bed
  • Artic PCS – where to find specific letters of the alphabet in a word (initial, middle or final)
  • Language PCS – folders for Adjectives, Alphabet, Opposites, Synonyms
  • PCS Bingo – Bingo folders include – Animals, Actions, Birds, Birthday, Body, Bugs, Christmas, Clothing and Accessories, Colours and Shapes, Desserts and Snacks, Fruits and Vegetables, Halloween, Hobbies, Holidays, Home Items, Instruments, Jobs, Lower case letters, Meals, Meats and Dairy, Numbers, Places, School, Signs, Sports, Sports Equipment, States, Thanksgiving, Tools, Toys, Upper case letters, Vehicles, Water Animals, Weather and Seasons, Zoo Animals
  • PCS Memory – Match pictures. Choose 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 or 20 pictures to match
  • Rhyming PCS – Rhyming flashcards. Press Q at bottom of page to see the rhyming word
  • Scramble PCS – match letters to squares under picture. (folders for 3 to 8 letter words)
  • Vocab PCS – Mayer Johnson coloured picture flashcards. Categories include – Actions and Emotions, Animals and Plants, Basic Concepts, Body and Clothes, Family and Jobs, Food, Holidays, Places and Signs, School, Sports and Hobbies, Things and Vehicles
Rude Sounds
  • Burp and fart piano – 2 keyboards – 1 that burps and 1 that farts
  • SmackTalk! – animated guinea pig, puppy, kitten and Chihuahua repeat what is said to them – voices can be changed to high pitched squeaky or low pitched freaky voices
  • A Life Cycle App – frog life cycle, water life cycle, butterfly cycle, plant cycle, pollination, photosynthesis, moon phases, nitrogen cycle, oxygen cycle, rock cycle
  • AstroApp: Space Shuttle Crew – information about astronauts and space shuttle flights, take your photo as an astronaut
  • Body Puzzle – slide jigsaw pieces into frame to complete jigsaw puzzle of parts of the body
  • Bug Builder – build a bug. Choose a body shape from choice of 4, decorate your bug, press ‘happy bug’ switch to activate the bug
  • Match Animals
  • The Night sky – identify stars, planets, constellations and galaxies
  • Who am I – Animal Game? – 3 or 4 clues given to try to identify an animal, touch show answer to reveal the animal
  • Vital Signs Camera – Philips – measures heart rate from subtle colour changes on your face, measure breathing rate by analysing motion of your chest
  • Baby First Look – Moving Patterns
  • Baby Look Tickle – black and white line drawing of baby laughing
  • Baby Look peekaboo – black and white line drawing of babies laughing appear at edges of screen
  • Baby Look 2 Spots – black spots on white background
  • Baby Look 2 Blocks – black, white and red blocks
  • Baby Look 2 Strings – black lines on white background – lines make sound when touched
  • Baby Screen – simple high contrast shapes
  • BabyVision – simple black and white images
  • Baby See – contrasting black and white images moving around screen
  • Baby See Colour – contrasting coloured images moving around screen
  • Baby Shapes – central shapes moves and morphs into different colours. When screen is touched different coloured squares appear where the screen is touched
  • Baby View – black and white and high contrast images with strong sounds
  • BrightStart – simple black and white images with music of Mozart, Beethoven or Bach
  • Hidden Grid – touch and drag over screen to reveal coloured shapes and patterns
  • iLook – simple black and white images
  • Light Box – 21 different cause and effect files which move across the screen and make a sound when tapped. These include – volcano, stars, plasma, alien space, love, flowers, glo worms, blowtorch, explode, bubbles, thinkers, rain, leaves, grimbles, flame, cool flame, blob, snowflakes, vapour, spout and dots
  • PeepinMusicians – touch musicians as they appear in different places on the screen to hear them play their instruments
  •  ReacticklesMagic – developed for children with Autism – simple cause and effect using patterns
  • Yellowtail – draw white lines which move across the screen
  • Big Bang Patterns – Designed for children with CVI – 4 sets of animated patterns – hard hitting, curtains, flying shapes, changing shapes
  • Big Bang Pictures – Designed for children with CVI – can assess picture recognition and visual preferences
  • Baby Screen – animated high contrast patterns
  • BabyStimulator – 5 levels of high contrast black and white and colour images as slideshow, contrast and touch and follow.
  • Baby Touch Shapes – animated shapes and sounds
  • Finger Paint –
  • H8 Ashbury 3D – 3D Hypnotic Visuals
  • Infant Visual – clear shapes that play the notes of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star when touched
  • Modus – rainbows and soft bells
  • Cause & Effect Sensory Sound Box – playing with twelve interactions to create sounds and visual effects
  • Clean Up: Category Sorting – sort objects into correct container
  • What goes together? – match images of everyday objects that go together
  • BouncySounds – touch screen to accelerate bouncy ball towards your finger, let go and it will randomly trigger sounds
  • ClearUpThings HD – sort scattered toys, clothing etc. into the correct place
  • ClearUpThings Foods HD – sort foods -20 stages e.g. fruit v vegetables, red v yellow
  • Comparative Adjectives – compare and describe the difference between 2 objects
  • Injini Lite – range of games developed for children with Special Needs – includes puzzles, patterns, matching, tracing match identical images
  • Match It Up 1 – develop visual perception skills
  • Match It Up 2 – match identical images
  • Match It Up 3 – match conceptually related images
  • MatchTheSame – drag items to make a match
  • MatchThe Same Festive – drag festive items to make a match
  • Series 2 – place 5 items into correct series
  • Baby Disco – 6 buttons with different sounds produce different images – shake to make rattle sound
  • Buzzer – touch words to produce same sound
  • Do the Roar – Shrek roars after screen is tapped to make him angry
  • MusicColor – touch 1 of 12 colours to open in a page featuring that colour, touch one of the images to see photo of object in that colour – accompanied by classical music
  • My robot voice – select a robot and talk into the microphone to change the sound of your voice
  • My monster voice – select a monster and talk into the microphone to change the sound of your voice
  • Noise Room for IPad – lots of sound effects
  • PocketBells – 4 octaves of bells
  • Soundala Play – creates dynamic light and colour fractal patterns to the beat and frequency of music or to sound of voice talking into the inbuilt microphone
  • Sound drop – Draw lines on screen, balls are released and bounce off lines making a sound as they drop
  • Sounds of Nature – choose from wide range of sounds, touch arrow on right of screen for photo to accompany sound
  • Sound Touch – 5 pages featuring domestic animals, wild animals, birds, vehicles and instruments, whenimage is touched a photo with the correct sound is shown – each item has 5 different sounds and photos
  • TouchSounds – touch screen to make a high, normal or low musical sound
  • What’s that sound? – match objects to sound
  • Bla Bla Bla –
Talking Animals / People
  • AngryPet – lots of different angry talking animals
  • Happy Talking Santa – interactive – tickle him and he laughs, throw snowballs at him
  • Talking Ben – interactive – poke the newspaper to make Ben fold it, press buttons to make Ben eat and drink
  • Talking Tom – interactive – Tom repeats what he hears, he purrs when stroked and reacts to poking, pulling his tail or hitting on the face – different buttons include drinking milk, farting and trying to catch and eat a bird
  • Talking Tom 2 – interactive – Tom inside a flat. Some features the same as Talking Tom but pestered by Ben (the dog) who e.g. pops a paper bag to scare Tom
  • Mosaic Music Free – 6 coloured squares which play music when touched
  • Talking News – Tom and Ben are TV news anchors – lots of interactive buttons
  • Talking Bacteria John  – interactive – feed with doughnuts to increase number of bacteria, give aspirin to remove them, inject with syringe to make them laugh hysterically
  • Bee-Bot – 12 levels to programme Bee-Bot to follow track to the flowers
  • Broom-broom – trace finger across screen in any direction to form road for vehicles to travel along
  • Let’s play with the trains – trace finger across screen in any direction to form train track for trains to travel along
  • Touch and Born! MovePaint – touch screen to make insects and caterpillars move across screen with squeaky noises
  • Trainyard Express – puzzle game to get train to the station – increases in difficulty at each level
  • Train Tracker – (from Inclusive Technology) Choose a train, drag train track pieces to join up to make a track. Press ‘play’ for train to move along the track
  • Airlines go-rund for iPad – tap and drag on screen for planes to fly around
  • Animal Parade – Draw a path with a finger for animals to walk along
  • Car3D –build roads for a car. Add trees and buildings
  • TINY TWIN BEARS’ Walk –drag green field and Tiny Twin Bears walk, tap field again and more animals appear
  • TINY TWIN BEARS’ Present – tap presents for Tiny Twin Bears to appear
  • Touch and Born! Moving paint for iPad – create creatures to move across the screen
  • RollingFalling 3D – touch screen and balls roll around a 3D model
  • Touch and Hit! SpotThe Difference – tap the odd one out
  • Touch and Find! Sea Creatures – move screen to find the fish. The fish swim away when touched. Tap empty space to feed the fish
  • TouchTrain – make train tracks and vary speed of trains
  • Zoo Train – lay different games e.g. matching to make train move along the screen
Transport / Vehicles
  • Extreme Road Trip – game to get car as far as possible on limited fuel – choice of locations and vehicles 
  • Kids Can Drive – 5 steering wheels with different sound effects
  • The Little Crane that could – simulations to control a crane – rotate, elevate, bend, extend and grapple
  • Whopping Diggers – slideshow of diggers, dumper trucks and tractors – includes 9 videos

Some of these Apps have sound but some do not

  • Anemona – fluorescent dots move across the screen
  • Art of Glow – bright shapes keep moving  – this may be a bit fast but can be slowed down a bit in the settings
  • Baby Moving Shapes – high contrast moving shapes with symmetric and asymmetric patterns
  • Balls – fluorescent lines and sounds make continuous movement across the screen when touched
  • Baby Rattle Toy – sun moves across the screen and bounces off the sides, when screen touched a cow, cat or fox appear on screen
  • Baby Touch – simple high contrast shapes that move across the screen, more shapes created by touching the screen
  • Bloom – either create or listen to pre-set circles that increase in size with sound
  • Colour Dots – touch moving dots to pop, dots increase as they are popped
  • Cosmic Top – rotating circles and dots of different colours, can have sound on or off, image can be locked so that pupil does not change image, cosmic creates new spinning top, tap top of left screen for previous tops and right for next – this may be fast but can be slowed down
  • Draw with Stars – blue and yellow stars rotate, move across screen and make sounds. Star size, colour and spin can be adjusted
  • Dotty – tap arrows to change high contrast patterns
  • DuckDuckDuck – duck floats around screen – tilt IPad to move duck into matching whirl poolstarts with 1 duck and then increases in number
  • Falling Stars – draw lines of stems and leaves at bottom of screen, activate stars at top of screen to create ‘music’ that rebounds after falling onto the stems
  • Fireworks – fireworks shooting up from black silhouette of buildings at night
  • Fluid – ‘water’ ripples moves across stones when touched
  • Hot Lights – fluorescent abstract particles that move across the screen
  • Hypnoglyph – constantly moving coloured shapes
  • Jiggle Balls Studio – tilt and shake IPad to make balls move, sounds made when ball collide
  • KaleidicLite – kaleidoscope
  • Kaleido HD – choice of patterns / images move across the screen, background images can be changed
  • LavaGlo – Lava lamp for IPad
  • Laser Lights – different coloured laser lights move across the screen. These can move very quickly initially but then slow down
  • Line Art – fluorescent abstract particles that move across the screen
  • Mini Magic – reacts to touch, magic wand – sparkles, bubbles touch to create bubbles, space laser – produce 4 colours, windmill – create butterflies
  • Ooze – bright randomly colour changing blobs move across the screen – continues to move and change colour when not touched like a lava lamp
  • Particlescape – fluorescent abstract particles that move across the screen
  • Particle viewer – different images move across the screen, pinch to change display
  • Peekaboo Ladybird Baby Touch – 4 choices – farm, sea, animals, vehicles – touch screen to activate when asked ‘who is there?’ to reveal partially hidden object
  • PegLight2 – touch screen to place high contrast pegs into board
  • Pimba Kalimba – touch white circles to make star shapes appear on screen – can be very fast for some pupils
  • PixelSwarm – fluorescent abstract particles that move across the screen
  • Random – random moving images and sounds created when screen touched
  • RealFireworks – fireworks explode on screen when screen touched
  • rgb petri – tap any where for circle to start growing outwards
  • 3D Shape Shifter 2 HD –colourful particles morph into 3D shapes
  • Shape Shifter 2 – different particles rotate on screen, size can be changed by pinching, number of particles can be changed
  • Slide and Spin – slide, spin or push 4 buttons to reveal hidden picture
  • Smart Tot Rattle – high contrast coloured objects move across black and white background
  • Smily Baby – mother chicken, eggs and chicks move across screen as it is tilted
  • Somantics – developed for children with Autism – variety of simple cause and effect using touch and built in camera
  • Spawn – fast moving coloured lines
  • Suspension – coloured particles on black background that move like oil on water
  • Tap-n-See Zoo – created for children with cortical visual impairment – animals float around screen and expand and disappear when touched
  • Tiltoria – fluorescent lines that move across the screen
  • Trope– different colours and effects move across the screen. Options are to listen and watch moving patterns or to create them
  • Touch Fire – explosions, flares, blue flame, fireworks, crystal sparks or bubbles appear on screen when tapped
  • Touch Follow Shapes – follow high contrast shapes with finger
  • TumbleVision – kaleidoscope using natural images
  • BBRattle – coloured balls move around the screen when the IPad is tilted. Sound effects, number and size of balls can be changed
  • Magic Fingers – 22 different visual and sound effects activated when screen touched. A photo can be taken of the effect within the app
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