Meet Our Governors

Governors play an important part in the operation of the education service. They are like a Board of Directors and make decisions about how the school is run.  They meet as a body at least once a term at school. They act as a vital channel of communication between the school and the community it serves. They also provide a link between the school and the Local Authority and support the Headteacher and staff in maintaining high standards at the school.

  • Since April 1994, Governors are legally responsible for the financial, curriculum and personnel management of the school

Governors are appointed to help

  • decide what is taught
  • set standards and guidelines on behaviour and discipline
  • interview and select staff
  • decide how the school budget is spent.

School Governors have legal duties, power and responsibilities.

School Governors are

  • parents
  • staff at the school
  • local authority representatives
  • community representatives.

Parent Governors

  • have a child in school
  • are elected by the parents of that school
  • serve, as do the other Governors, for 4 years.

At Riverwalk the work of the Governors is divided into four Management Teams covering Teaching & Achievement, Strategy, Resources and Buildings & Community.

Minutes of all Governors’ meetings are available for parents to see.

Governor and Committee Structure

NamePositionTypeCommittee MembershipPecuniary Interest declaredGovernor of another schoolFGB Meetings attended 2016 -2017
Sarah ThomasGovernorCo-optedBuildings & CommunityNoneNo Newly appointed 
Chris HodgsonChairmanCo-optedBuildings & Community (Chair), Strategy, Resources.NoneNo4 of 6
Robert FennerGovernorCo-optedBuildings & CommunityNoneNo4 of 6 – Joined during the year
Jan HatchellGovernorHeadteacher 
Hatchell Consultancy Ltd
No6 of 6
Kat CrossleyGovernorStaffTeaching & AchievementNoneNoNewly appointed
Adriana BarbutuGovernorStaffTeaching & AchievementNoneNoNewly appointed
Kerry RichmondGovernorCo-optedResources.NoneNoNewly appointed
Claire HallGovernorCo-optedTeaching & AchievementNoneNoNewly appointed
Samantha ClarkeGovernorDeputy HeadteacherTeaching & AchievementNoneNoNewly appointed

For more information on the governors terms of office please see the schools information on the GOV.UK ‘Get information about schools‘.

If you wish to contact any of the Governing Body please call the school on 01284 764280 or e-mail