Parent School Communications

We want your child to benefit from the school working in partnership with their family and/or carers to meet their needs. This will be key to ensuring they make outstanding progress.

How do we communicate?

Home/School diary

Every child is given a home school diary to share information daily.  It is not designed to create a formal record of their learning, but to facilitate the two way exchange of information to enhance learning.  This can include information about sleep, eating, patterns, mood, successes and general comments about the day/evening.

Personal Plan

This outlines key learning outcomes from their Education Healthcare Plan to work on over a term.  We review these at each half term break to manage the changes that a holiday may create, particularly the summer break. The Personal Plan will include how the school plan to meet the target, and suggestions for how you can work on that at home.  This is how e provide homework to all pupils.

One Page Profiles

This document is used to ensure everyone in the team has all the information needed to support your child.  It is reviewed at least once a year at the Education Health Care (EHC) Plan Review so that you can provide your input to the document.

Parent Mail

To send a short message to families using text messaging. This includes reminder for parents’ evenings, term dates and urgent issues such as school closures.

Parents Evening

We hold 3 parents’ evenings a year to discuss your child’s education and progress. We offer a crèche for your child. If you wish to use this facility, we ask that you book at the same time you book your appointment with the class teacher.  If you are not receiving parent mail or are not involved with parent mail, please contact the school office and they will send out the relevant forms.