At Riverwalk, we aim for pupils to:

  • Make outstanding progress that leads them into a fulfilling lifetime of opportunities as an adult.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively.
  • Manage their emotions and behaviours.
  • Undertake relevant daily living tasks with confidence and independence.
  • Feel safe and know how to feel safe.

The school receives a number of grants to support and enhance the curriculum and provision.

Pupils follow a developmental approach to curriculum provision, which are divided into 3 pathways Engagement, Partnership and Team.

The impact of spending the grants is evidenced within pupils learning journeys and termly pupil progress reports.

Pathways Pupil Premium Sports Premium Covid Catch up
Engagement Pathway Music therapy for whole classes to develop staff knowledge on using music as a vehicle for learning and using music to develop communication.


Communication café to enable pupils to make meaningful bids for communication to a range of partners.

Sports leaders to support Rebound therapy and engagement in sports and movement. Sensory Integration therapist to identify and implement strategies to support pathways, classes and pupils.


Staff training to understand the principles that underpin the strategies and how they can be adapted to meet the needs of the pupils in their class.

Partnership Pathway Class drumming sessions to develop listening, attention and turn taking skills.


Communication café to enable pupils to make choices and to generalise skills in a motivating activity.

Sports leaders to demonstrate progression in skills and encourage pupils to increase their levels of activity.


Dancing stars to provide a motivating activity that encourages stamina and coordination.

Team Pathway Drama groups to develop pupils ability to repair and resolve by role playing situations that require a emotional/ behavioural response. To develop confidence and social chat in a highly motivating activity.


Staff training on using drama as a vehicle for learning.


Communication café to enable pupils to take responsibilities and take turns to run the café. To develop social communication.

Sports leaders to lead and develop simple games. To incorporate an appropriate level of challenge.


To develop staff knowledge of games and activities.